Focus budgets automatically on quality traffic channels, based on KPI-results prediction


Mobile advertisers have to be quick on their feet – analyzing the quality of users delivered from the different traffic channels, measuring performance, and optimizing accordingly, so they won’t waste budgets on poor-quality users.

While there are great analytics tools in the market, gathering all the data required by advertisers to make campaign optimization decisions, there’s no solution helping the advertiser make sense of the data and advising on optimization actions that needs to be taken.

The end result – the advertiser is required to analyze manually an overwhelming amount of analytics data, across hundreds of traffic sources, preventing him from quickly responding to their performance, so that over 20% of his budget is wasted on poor-quality users.

Brainiacts bridges the gap. Based on its predictive KPI-algorithm it delivers concrete call-to-action optimization recommendations, helping advertisers make quick and accurate decisions regarding their budget allocation – Optimizing LTV 24/7.

Our Service

  • Optimize your traffic channels in real-time

    Brainiacts’ predictive KPI-algorithm analyzes your traffic’s quality 24/7, and predicts the likelihood of them meeting your target KPI. Accordingly, it issues concrete call-to-action optimization recommendations, helping you cut optimization decision-making time and fully control your campaign at all times. Think of it as a to-do-list to maximize return on investment from your traffic channels, based on a predictive algorithm.

  • Manage your costs and pay for valid conversions only

    Brainiacts validates every conversion against fraud, and in relation to your IO terms set with your traffic channels. It provides you with a detailed real-cost billing report to be presented to your traffic channels, relieving end-of-month invoice deliberations.

  • Focus on what really matters

    Brainiacts manages your traffic channels’ optimization from analysis to action. Upon approving its optimization recommendations, it automatically manages all the administration of optimizing your campaign with your traffic channels, so you’re free to engage in higher-level creative thinking on how to take your campaign to the next level.

  • Simple integration

    We integrate seamlessly with your tracking company, with no SDK required.

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